Saul Good 6p

Spuds 6:30p

Marriott Griffin Gate Resort    7p

Ethereal Brewing at Public House 7p

Halligans 7p
Old North 7p

KS Bar 7p
Mirror Twin Brewing 7p

Chinkapin Brewing (Georgetown) 7p 
The Burl 7p​

Patchen Pub 7:30p 

The Cellar 8p

Campus Pub 9p


O'Neill's 5:30p

Whole Foods 6p

​Blue Stallion Brewing 7p

Rock House 7p

​Frankfort Goodwood  7p

Galvin's (Georgetown) 7p

Ethereal Brewing at Cornerstone 7p

Sedona Taphouse (Harrodsburg Road) 8p 

Shamrock (Patchen) 8:30p


Winchell's 8p 


Shamrock (Hartland) 8p

live trivia, 7 days a week

Local Trivia Action

making bar and restaurant crowds smarter one question at a time!

Our Schedule




*Wise Bird Cider 4p *on the 1st (theme)

and 3rd (general knowledge)​

Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos 6:30p

Blue Stallion 7p

Chevy Chase Inn 7:30p

Patchen Pub 8:30p

Monday ​​

District 7 Social 6:30p​

Luna's Butterfly Cafe 6:30p 

Charlie Brown's 7p *starts Oct 2

​Grimaldi's 7p

Myriad Meadery 7p 

Shamrocks Patchen 8p

Tin Roof 8p


Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co   6:30p

Hooters 7p

Ethereal Brewing 7p

Bear & the Butcher 7p

​Shamrocks Hartland 8p

Malabu Pub 8p

Banners 8p​