making bar and restaurant crowds smarter one question at a time!

live trivia, 7 days a week

Our Schedule

Local Trivia Action


Spuds 6:30p

Marriott Griffin Gate Resort    7p

Ethereal Brewing at Public House 7p

Halligans 7p
Old North 7p

KS Bar 7p
Mirror Twin Brewing 7p
The Burl 7p​

Patchen Pub 7:30p 

The Cellar 8p

Campus Pub 9p


O'Neill's 5:30p

Whole Foods 6p

​Blue Stallion Brewing 7p

Rock House 7p

​Frankfort Goodwood  7p

Galvin's (Georgetown) 7p

Ethereal Brewing at Cornerstone 7p

Sedona Taphouse (Harrodsburg Road) 8p 

Shamrock (Patchen) 8:30p


Winchell's 8p 


Shamrock (Hartland) 8p




​Banners 4p

*Wise Bird Cider 4p *on the 1st (theme)

and 3rd (general knowledge)

​Cellar 6p

Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos 6:30p

Blue Stallion 7p

Chevy Chase Inn 7:30p

Patchen Pub 8:30p

Monday ​​

Saul Good 6p 

District 7 Social 6:30p​

Luna's Butterfly Cafe 6:30p 

Myraid Meadery 7p 

El Mariachi (corner of Rose and Ave of Champs) 7p

Shamrocks Patchen 8p

Tin Roof 8p


Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co   6:30p

Void Sake Co. 7p

Hooters 7p

Ethereal Brewing 7p

Bear & the Butcher 7p

​Shamrocks Hartland 8p

Malabu Pub 8p

Banners 8p​